I offer a compassionate and holistic approach to care for the loved one and the whole family. I also educate community groups and speak to organizations about end of life care and approaches to dementia.

If your loved one cannot manage alone and their self-care is unraveling, l can help you with the difficult decisions and find excellent care.

Families are vulnerable when a loved one is declining. It's easy to make mistakes and be misled. I know this world well. I can be your support system and your guide.

Key Benefits When You Work With Me:

• Save time by building a care plan that includes a road map for what is next.
• Save money by finding providers that fit family needs and finances.
• Unify the family around care decisions.
• Talk openly about difficult decisions that will need to be made.

Care Partners

• In-home assessments addressing safety, nutrition, and daily care
• Referrals for assisted living and in-home care services
• Facilitate discussions about financial resources and future care options
• Support and coaching for all care partners
• Respite care

Dementia and Alzheimers

• Educate families about Alzheimer-friendly social opportunities and day care
• Focus on what is possible
• Create a plan as the disease progresses
• Advocate for the loved one – being their “voice”
• Provide comfort and companionship
• Engage with the loved one, meeting them where they are

End of Life Decisions

• Determine when it's time for hospice care
• Offer compassionate care at the bedside
• Discuss advance directives, power of attorney, POLST (Provider Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment)
• How to say goodbye
• Plan the funeral and memorial service
• Grief support

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