Keep Your Agenda In Your Back Pocket

As a family care partner, we are usually scurrying around, trying to accomplish a variety of tasks.  Our time is usually limited, our lists are endless and our energy is usually depleted. All that being said,  our main job is to take care of our loved one. Some of these tasks include bathing, dressing, eating, toileting, medicine management, and transportation and then, oh yea ……… take care of ourselves.  ☺ One way, to nurture ourselves, is to practice the following: Before engaging with your loved one to complete a task, say to yourself” Is this something I want to be done? Or Is this something he/she wants to be done?”  If it is something, YOU want to accomplish, slide the idea in your back pocket, take a deep breath before walking into the room and try to complete the task from your loved one’s point of view. The task is usually for THEM, so do it with them, not to them.  The key to successful task engagement is to meet your loved one where they are, NOT where YOU want them to be.